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If your device is not jailbreak, and the system version is not iOS8.1. You can adjust the system time to July 1, 2014 to install(Settings->General->Date & Time-> set "Set Automatically" locked .Then set the date to 2014-7-1). iOS8.1 is not supported.
If your iPhone or iPad has been jailbreak, you need to install AppSync for ios 8 before you can install.

※ Please use iPhone to scan QR code and grab online installation linkage.

Android version1.4.9 Renewal at 2015-12-01

1. Fix some models PS emulator startup crash BUG;
2. Fix crash after deleting PSP game starts BUG;
3. Upload the game flow optimization;

iOS version1.3.7beta Renewal at 2015-11-12

1.fix the issue PSP load savestates.
2.fix the position of GBC’emulator view when the device is landscape.
3.fix the issue of MAME that setting interface is white when opened.

Happy Chick is the most comprehensive game emulator on the Android platform,supporting arcade(MAME\FBA)、GBA、GBC、MD、SFC(SNES)、FC(NES)、PSP、N64、NDS、PS1 and DC.Once install this emulator,you would play above mentioned different console game and tens of thousands of classic games.

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